Promoting education, health, and economic opportunity

A new client for Worldstudio; EDC is an organization dedicated to improving education, health, and economic opportunities for people of all ages. They create and implement innovative programs that take the results of rigorous research and put it into real-world practice at scale. The U.S.-based organization has a staff of 1,200 with expertise in areas. Read More »

Art ignites dialogue

Our new initiative currently in development Dialogues on Race is a nationwide public art and design initiative that empowers teams – comprised of individuals who have knowledge and experience around issues of race and social justice, in combination with a designer or artist – to create public murals, billboards, banners and transit posters. The artwork. Read More »

Examining the process of social design

The social design process – human-centered design principles, methods and tools – are being used by a growing number of funders, designers and social sector practitioners as an approach to solving complex social problems. Significant resources are being invested, and an enormous buzz has emerged about design’s potential for increasing impact, yet no comprehensive effort. Read More »

A sweet idea: apiaries and ice cream

Worldstudio principal Mark Randall, has combined his interests in beekeeping and ice cream to develop B-Line, an ice cream company that uses his own wildflower honey in place of refined sugar for the honey ice cream base. This past summer, Mark tested the concept with pop-up ice cream stands in New York City and the. Read More »

Our 2016 – 2017 Worldstudio AIGA Scholarship winners

For 21 years the Worldstudio AIGA Scholarship Program has awarded college scholarships to aspiring artists and designers from minority and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. To date we have given over one-million dollars to 705 students. Wereme Guerra-Martinez was born in a small indigenous community in Mexico. This directly informs her continuing desire to document these rich. Read More »