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Building green communities

Worldstudio is excited to be working with Enterprise Community Partners on a series of robust workshop and training materials which educate developers, property managers and residents on operating and living in green affordable housing.

Enterprise Green & Healthy symbols

The identity is built from a suite of icons that form the four main areas the program addresses: Healthy Homes, Water, Energy and Recycling.

Enterprise is a leading provider of the development capital and expertise it takes to create decent, affordable homes and rebuild communities. Their Green Communities‘ initiatives provides funds and expertise to enable developers to build and rehabilitate homes that are healthier, more energy efficient and better for the environment – without compromising affordability. Enterprise is the nationwide leader in the area of green affordable housing and has made it a mandate that nearly all of their homes will comply to green standards by 2015.

To initiate the project Worldstudio developed a “Green & Healthy” umbrella brand with applications for manuals, PowerPoint presentations, training materials and collateral. In addition, Worldstudio is offering strategic planning and content development for various aspects of this comprehensive program. The goal is to make affordable housing not only healthy and green but to engender a sustainable sense of community among the developers, management staff and residents.

Enterprise training manual

Manuals and training materials are aimed at developers, staff and residents.

Enterprise PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations are used in workshops for developers, staff and residents.

Enterprise poster & Green Leader symbol

left: Posters in a number of languages engage residents to participate in an energy study. right: The Green Leader Icon, a symbol for an initiative initially conceived by students in Worldstudio's Impact! Design for Social Change program. The Be A Green Leader initiative engages residents in green and healthy workshops and engenders a sense of community within the building.