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Design Ignites Change + The Designers Accord

Worldstudio is delighted to announce that the 2010 Design Ignites Change mentoring initiative will be developed and implemented in partnership with The Designers Accord, a global coalition of designers, educators and business leaders working together to create positive environmental and social impact.

The brief or challenge will be created to address the project theme of sustainability and be multidisciplinary and multicultural, engaging a wide variety of design disciplines from around the world. This initiative is the first of its kind, unique in scope and scale around the issue of sustainability.

The project will tap into an army of creatives ready to actively focus on the complex environmental and social issues facing our world today while mentoring undeserved high school students through the design process.

To learn more about involving your school or students in Design Ignites Change, contact Mark Randall. For more information on program sponsorship, contact Andréa Pellegrino.