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Improving community resiliency in the face of a natural disaster

Superstorm Sandy was the second-costliest hurricane in US history. The engineering firm URS was contracted by New York State to develop a series of infrastructure projects to protect and improve the resiliency of shoreline communities in Nassau County. Through a series of educational open houses, URS worked closely with local residents to prioritize projects specific to their area.

Worldstudio, in partnership with Two Twelve and The LiRo Group, worked with URS to develop a range of exhibition, presentation and engagement materials to educate, solicit input and gauge support for the projects in relation to the funds available. In addition, Worldstudio developed a template for URS to use when submitting their final reports to the State of New York.


Over fifty large exhibit panels educate community members about each project.


Evaluation guides summarize the projects for each location along with next steps, including cost analysis, construction timeframe and risk reduction. Space is allocated for community members to rate projects and provide feedback.


A series of icons help the public navigate a diverse range of project themes.


Worldstudio designed over 45 custom maps detailing the projects.


A simple, easy-to-edit PowerPoint presentation was created for each community.