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Mark Randall writes article for CA magazine

Pick up the latest issue of Communication Arts on newsstands now or download this PDF to read Mark Randall’s design issues article about design as social educator. Learn how designers can go beyond the traditional approaches to social responsibility in their work and become entrepreneurs, developing and executing their own solutions to social problems.

The article presents several case studies of projects implemented by designers that set precedent for creating a sustainable market for socially responsible design including John Bielenberg’s Project M, INDEX and AIGA’s Designing Water’s Future and Worldstudio’s Design Ignites Change and Create! Don’t Hate.

The article also gives tips on what you can do right now. Here is a summary of Mark’s steps to launching your own project to ignite change:

1. Find your passion

2. Start local

3. Go beyond the obvious

4. Find partners, build a coalition

5. Be realistic

6. Raise some cash

7. Execute

8. Measure success

9. Spread the word

Reprinted with permission by Communication Arts, ©2009 Coyne & Blanchard, Inc. All rights reserved. www.commarts.com