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Examining the process of social design

The social design process – human-centered design principles, methods and tools – are being used by a growing number of funders, designers and social sector practitioners as an approach to solving complex social problems. Significant resources are being invested, and an enormous buzz has emerged about design’s potential for increasing impact, yet no comprehensive effort has been undertaken to document, measure or analyze its benefits.

In 2014, Worldstudio – thru its Design Ignites Change initiative – began to develop programming to address this by organizing a panel discussion at the School of Visual Arts, with the goal of creating a larger symposium.

From this early effort, Worldstudio, in collaboration with the Design for Social Innovation (DSI) master’s program at the School of Visual Arts, created the Measured Symposium. DSI organized and hosted the event at the School of Visual Arts on January 24, 2017.

The symposium brought together leaders and practitioners from business, the social sector, foundations, technology and design to address the issue, investigating the needs and establishing the practice of monitoring and evaluating how the design process contributes to social impact programs with an emphasis on health.

Visit the website to learn more about this exciting event.