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Milagros restaurant identity

In addition to working on socially minded projects, Worldstudio executes traditional design work such as this whimsical identity for a new chain of Mexican restaurants opening in Munich, Germany in the fall of 2010. The Milagros brand captures the spirit of fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine. Worldstudio consulted on all aspects of the restaurant; from naming, logo development, business cards and packaging to concepts for the interior and furnishings.

In Spanish, milagro literally means miracle or surprise but milagro also refers to an ancient aspect of Hispanic folk culture wherein small religious charms of different shapes are offered to a saint as a reminder of a petitioner’s particular need. A popular milagro – in the shape of a heart – was adopted for the logo. This was combined with additional brand elements inspired by the Mexican folk art of papercutting. Papel picado designs are commonly cut from stacks of tissue paper using a guide and small chisels to create colorful banners.

Worldstudio worked with illustrator Hugh D’Andrade to create the flaming heart milagro logo for the restaurant as well as the custom logotype and a set of milagros symbols. Hugh also created illustrations for papel picado lampshades and ceramic floor tiles using the heart motif.

Milagros logo and temporary tattoo

Milagros symbols illustrated by Hugh D'Andrade

Milagros diecut business cards

Milagros t-shirt and chef's coat, hat and scarf

Milagros paper bags

Milagros salsa packaging

sketch of the restaurant by the interior design team