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Social marketing in uncertain times

At a time when corporations need to be judicious with every marketing dollar, Worldstudio’s socially responsible projects and programs enable corporations to differentiate themselves in a crowded market by connecting with key constituencies in tangible and meaningful ways.

In addition to our unique ability to create custom-tailored projects and programs for clients that demonstrate their CSR platform, Worldstudio has created two highly-visible, global projects that are garnering much attention – The Urban Forest Project and Design Ignites Change.

Each of these initiatives invite participation in a number of ways:

The Urban Forest Project will plant the seeds of sustainability and creativity in cities around the world, offering corporations an unparalleled opportunity for visibility on both global and local levels.

Design Ignites Change, launching in January, brings together talented design students, educational institutions, the business world and civic leaders to foster real solutions to pressing social issues.

To learn more about how these programs can be shaped to meet your marketing goals, click on the links above or contact Andréa Pellegrino at apellegrino@worldstudioinc.com