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The Urban Forest Project is growing

Based on a highly successful project developed for the Times Square Alliance in the fall of 2006, Worldstudio is continuing to plant the seeds of sustainability and creativity in cities around the world through The Urban Forest Project. One in a series of planned executions will take place in Albuquerque, NM. The city in partnership with Tree New Mexico is using the project as a messaging platform to engage and educate the general public and business community around the Mayor’s sustainability and urban forestry initiatives.

In each location, artists, designers, students and the general public will employ the idea or form of the tree to make a powerful visual statement on banners that will be displayed throughout the community. The tree is a metaphor for sustainability and, in that spirit, the banners at the close of each exhibition will be recycled into totebags and auctioned off to raise money for a local non-profit organization. Each local project will also incorporate or support an environmental call to action such as tree planting initiatives. Worldstudio is currently in discussions with various cities, community groups and corporations who want to execute and sponsor The Urban Forest Project.

To see banners from the Times Square Urban Forest Project please visit www.ufp-nyc.com.

For more information on how Worldstudio can bring the Urban Forest Project to your area, please contact Andréa Pellegrino at apellegrino@worldstudioinc.com