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Working with two great non-profits

Andréa Pellegrino has joined the Board of Directors of Hope Floats Initiative, a team of doctors, architects and designers that works with – not for – underserved communities in partnership, helping them take ownership of a sustainable future through basic healthcare, permanent housing, education and job training.

Mark Randall has joined the advisory board of desigNYC, whose mission is to improve the lives of New Yorkers by connecting nonprofits and civic groups serving the public good with passionate, professional pro bono design services.

desigNYC projects focus on a range of social and environmental issues impacting the city, including: affordable housing, sustainable development, social justice, human health, green space, urban farming, local food systems, youth leadership and more. desigNYC is currently holding it’s second call for project ideas from non-profits, along with a request for designers interested in volunteering their services. The deadline for entry is November 5th, 2010. Those interested can visit the website to learn more: www.designyc.org

Andréa was eager to work with Akin Afolayan, Executive Director of Hope Floats, after he participated in a recent Worldstudio Funding Social Change Workshop. The workshop also brought together a team of communication designers, led by Frank Rauss and Jenn Graham, who are now working with Hope Floats to execute a brand strategy. To learn more, visit the HFI interim site: www.hopefloatsinitiative.org