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Worldstudio in print

The Design Activist’s Handbook, a fantastic book on socially conscious graphic design, was recently released. Worldstudio is honored to be represented in its pages, but even if we weren’t, we would definitely recommend this action-oriented design publication by Noah Scalin and Michelle Taute.

The Design Activist’s Handbook is simultaneously thoughtful and accessible, which is a tricky combination to achieve—particularly when broaching the complexities of how to instigate social change. It gives very practical ideas for actionable steps while also addressing the importance of ethics in social design practice. As the authors explain in the introduction:

… we’ll take you through a process for defining your own professional ethics as a designer and using those guidelines to make the right choices for you. You’ll also find stories and ideas from dozens of design activists that show you what a socially conscious design career actually looks like.

And flipping to page 48 will bring you to a profile of Mark Randall, “Design Rebel” and Worldstudio principal. In this interview, Randall gives details about we are able to do both business and good.

In addition to the Handbook, we are also honored to be mentioned in some other books published earlier this year. Just Design: Socially Conscious Design for Critical Causes, by Christopher Simmons, highlights Design Ignites Change, the Urban Forest Project and a Create! Don’t Hate project. Common Interest: Documents, by Emmi Salonen, showcases work for our client, the Fashion Center Business Improvement District. Additionally, the Design Ignites Change projects Pecans!, A Book by its Cover and Es Tiempo are featured in Andrew Shea’s new book, Designing for Social Change.

We are happy to be recognized for our work in the social design field, but mostly we are delighted to see an influx of published critical thought on how this work is done and look forward to even more knowledge to inform activist designers.